How to Post and Manage Your Loads

FREE TMS Integration

NextLOAD is currently partnered with McLeod PowerBroker, Aljex (DesCartes), Ascend TMS, Transport Pro TMS, Navigator TMS with development underway to integrate with others.

Load Posting Made Easy

Login to your account 24/7 to post and manage your available freight. Use a CSV file or an API address to connect to NextLOAD and post your loads automatically.

Manage Posted Freight

Manage and update information on loads already posted.

Brokers and shippers can post loads on Nextload for free

Post Loads with NextLOAD!

We will work with you to find the best way to post your loads on NextLOAD – automated or manually.

Call us at: 844-827-7700

TMS Integrations to Post Loads on NextLOAD

We continue to develop more partnerships with Transportation Management Systems (TMS), and we can readily integrate with TMS solutions that support internet/web standards for sending and receiving data.

And did we mention how easy it is to post loads for FREE on See for yourself. Check out our video showing how to post loads directly to NextLOAD.