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NextLOAD makes finding refrigerated loads simple! If you’re a trucker looking to increase your earnings and keep your reefer truck busy, you’ve found your solution. Our platform connects you with well-paying refrigerated freight loads, so you always have deliveries to make.

What are Refrigerated Loads?

Refrigerated loads, commonly referred to as reefer loads, are shipments that require temperature control to preserve cargo during transport. These types of loads require trailers that are equipped with cooling systems to maintain precise temperatures. They can transport a wide range of items, including:

  • Perishable Foods: Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, and seafood that must be kept at specific temperatures to stay fresh.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Medicines and vaccines that require controlled environments to remain effective.
  • Floral Products: Flowers and plants that need specific temperatures to prevent wilting.
  • Specialty Goods: High-value items such as fine art, cosmetics, and certain chemicals that require careful temperature management.

Benefits of Hauling Refrigerated Loads

Refrigerated loads offer several advantages for truckers:

Consistent Demand

Refrigerated loads are in high demand year-round. There is always a need for reliable temperature-controlled transportation, which means you can count on a steady stream of work and income.

Competitive Rates

Due to the specialized nature of refrigerated transport, shippers are often willing to pay higher rates. This means more earnings for truckers who are equipped to handle these sensitive shipments.

Diverse Opportunities

Reefer loads span various industries, offering truckers a wide range of opportunities. Whether you prefer long-haul routes or local deliveries, there is always a refrigerated load that fits your needs.

Why Use NextLOAD for Reefer Loads?

NextLOAD is a trusted source for finding and securing reefer loads throughout the country. Our load board offers:

  • Extensive Listings: Access a wide variety of refrigerated loads across the country.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Find loads quickly with our customizable search filters.
  • Real-Time Loads: Stay ahead of the competition with real-time loads that are added daily.

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