Load Board

NextLOAD makes it faster and easier to find and post loads.

Find loads with a free load board account

New Available Loads Refresh in Near Real-Time

The standard for many load boards is to refresh freight postings every 60 seconds, then they charge you extra for faster refresh times. On NextLOAD, newly available loads refresh in near real-time, automatically… for free.

Smarter search features make finding freight easier.

You can search for freight origin or destination within the radius of a city or state, you can select equipment type, and you can choose full or partial loads. You can select a specficic pick up date or find your favorite freight brokers.

See Apex credit information.

NextLOAD is a product of Apex Capital, one of the best freight factoring companies out there. Now, on NextLOAD, you can see if a broker or shipper has an established credit line with Apex or not. If you want to know more about Apex credit and becoming an Apex factoring client, call us at 844-204-6607.

See the most relevant freight matches.

We don’t accept payment for position in the available load feed, so you can feel confident that the loads you see in your list are the closest matches to your search criteria.

Expired loads are removed daily.

No more wasting time weeding through lists of loads just to be disappointed by finding old freight.

Create unlimited user accounts.

You, your employees, and your drivers can all set up accounts to search for freight.

See freight that is similar to the load you’re viewing.

NextLOAD is smart. When you select a load from the results, NextLOAD will also display available freight with similar criteria below the details of the load you selected.

Receive notifications when new load postings match your criteria.

Save search criteria for your favorite lanes to receive alerts when freight is posted that matches your specifications.

Find freight from the convenience of your smart phone.

Login to NextLOAD from the convenience of your smart phone to find loads at any time, from anywhere.

Become an Apex factoring client to unlock special features!

In addition to the free account benefits, Apex factoring clients gain free access to special features that give you all the information you need to plan your loads in one convenient location.

Check Credit on Brokers and Shippers

Get all the Apex credit features including credit lines and your history with each broker and shipper. You’ll be able to run or refresh a credit check right in NextLOAD!

Find Fuel Along Your Route

The Apex Fuel Finder is designed to help you control fuel costs by allowing you to see all fuel prices at truck stops near you or along any route.

Brokers and Shippers Post Loads for Free

FREE Transportation Management Software (TMS) Integrations

NextLOAD integrates with Aljex Software, AscendTMS, Navigator TMS, McLeod Software, TransportPro, and PostEverywhere and we are working to add more every day. We can readily integrate with TMS solutions that support internet/web standards for sending and receiving data. Feel free to call us and let us help you connect with NextLOAD. Call us at 844-827-7700.

Manual Load Posting

Login to your NextLOAD.com account 24/7 to manually post and manage your available freight.