trucking company cash flow

How to Boost Your Trucking Company’s Cash Flow

Cash flow. In trucking, cash flow is king. With cash flow you cover your trucking company’s fuel, payroll, truck maintenance, and truck payments. Cash flow gives your trucking company the flexibility to take on those longer-haul, high-paying loads and still have the funds to keep the 18-wheeler on the highway.

Boosting your trucking company cash flow can be challenging, especially when waiting on payments from brokers and shippers that could take more than two months. That kind of delay may make it difficult to keep your trucks fueled up, well maintained, and compliant with all requirements and regulations.

Factor Your Freight Bills to Boost Cash Flow

In the trucking industry, factoring your freight bills is a common and effective way to boost your cash flow. Apex Capital, a freight factoring leader, is one-stop shopping for trucking companies. NextLOAD, the free load board from Apex, is where you can find high-paying loads. Then become an Apex factoring client and get paid the same day for those loads you deliver.

Need your money even quicker than same day? Get paid in minutes with blynk™, Apex’s new digital payment system for factoring clients. No other factoring company offers this type of payment, so no one pays you faster than Apex – guaranteed! When you factor your trucking company’s freight bills with Apex, you can receive payment in minutes after your freight invoices are purchased. Look at the many blynk™ benefits for Apex factoring clients:

  • No incoming wire fees at most banks
  • Money goes right into your bank account
  • Funds available for immediate withdrawal
  • Supported by most financial institutions nationwide
  • Receive payment through bank debit cards, Zelle®, or direct DDA transfer (additional digital payment service platforms in development)

Freight Factoring Can Come With More

Giving your trucking company a cash flow boost through factoring should come with extras. At Apex, factoring clients have an array of tools at their fingertips, a fuel card with big diesel savings, world-class customer service, and a variety of discounts to save you even more money. That means you have more cash flow to keep your trucking company running smoothly and successfully.

Give your trucking company a boost with Apex factoring and enjoy many discounts, tools, and services. Apex factoring is the one-stop cash flow solution. Are you ready to learn more about Apex factoring? Give us a call at 855-973-1634 or get started here.

Mario Tarradell is a Bilingual Communications Specialist at Apex Capital and for NextLOAD. He comes to Apex after a long career writing for daily newspapers. Mario enjoys telling stories about truckers, especially about the many aspects of the trucking industry that have the greatest impact on them personally and professionally. Mario believes that truckers are our lifelines, so he always wants to pay respect to the hard-working folks behind the wheel.