Free Load Board

How a Load Board Helps Truckers Find Great Loads

Truckers need loads to stay in business. They need loads that pay well from trustworthy brokers and shippers. They also need loads that are easy to find.

Load boards are the quickest and most widely accessible way to find truck loads. Even truckers lucky enough to run dedicated lanes or haul under contracts most likely began those relationships by finding that first load on a load board.

A load board offers truckers the essentials – reliable loads that are easy to find. But just as important for truckers is knowing they will get paid. They want proof that the broker or shipper is trustworthy. Those ingredients help truckers establish a good relationship with that broker or shipper they initially haul a load for. The hope is that relationship will lead to a dedicated lane.

Filter to Save Time and Money

It all starts with a load board. Your FREE load board,, a product of freight factoring leader Apex Capital, is a great place for truckers to find loads. Load boards, like NextLOAD, list available loads from companies that need freight hauled. But that list can be pages long. In trucking, time is money. So, creating a variety of filters for truckers to find the exact load they need is a necessity. NextLOAD gives truckers plenty of search options:

  • Weight – Enter minimum and/or maximum weight
  • Length – Enter minimum and/or maximum equipment length
  • Distance – Enter minimum and/or maximum distance you want to travel
  • Minimum rate – Enter minimum dollar amount you need to haul a load
  • Key words – Enter “hotshot,” “tarps,” “chains,” etc. in “Comment Includes” field
  • Origin – Enter where you are starting the haul
  • Radius – Search for a load location around your origin or destination
  • Destination – Enter where you want to finish the haul
  • Equipment – Enter your equipment such as dry van, reefer, flatbed
  • Company type – Use drop-down menu to search for loads from brokers, shippers, 3PLs

Trustworthy Loads and High-Powered Partnerships

Another NextLOAD perk is the Apex Capital blue chevron icon. If you see that trademark symbol next to a load, that means Apex has a credit relationship with that broker or shipper. How’s that for load trustworthiness?

Plus, NextLOAD has established partnerships with Aljex, AscendTMS, McLeod Software, NavigatorTMS, PostEverywhere®, CRST International, and Transport Pro. This means NextLOAD can offer quality loads for truckers every day.

Find Truck Loads Now

NextLOAD users get all of this for FREE. At NextLOAD, we believe that finding great loads to haul should be the easy part of a trucker’s job. Create your account now and start using NextLOAD, the premier FREE load board.

Let us be your one-stop for big-money truck loads and world-class customer service freight factoring. Become a user today and enjoy thousands of loads right at your fingertips. Then reap the benefits of Apex factoring. Any questions? Contact us at or give us a call at 844-827-7700.

Mario Tarradell is a Bilingual Communications Specialist at Apex Capital and for NextLOAD. He comes to Apex after a long career writing for daily newspapers. Mario enjoys telling stories about truckers, especially about the many aspects of the trucking industry that have the greatest impact on them personally and professionally. Mario believes that truckers are our lifelines, so he always wants to pay respect to the hard-working folks behind the wheel.