How Dispatchers and Load Boards Can Benefit Truckers

Everyone in the trucking industry plays a vital part in getting goods delivered across the nation. Truckers take great care with cargo, making sure it arrives promptly and in perfect condition. But many truckers don’t have the time to regularly search for loads.

Enter Truck Dispatch Services

Enter a dispatching service. A dispatching service, a company that finds loads and negotiates rates, can be helpful for the owner-operator and the trucking company owner. Here’s how a dispatching service works:

What does a dispatcher do? – A truck dispatcher uses a carrier’s lane preferences, desired freight rates, and equipment specifications to find loads and negotiate rates with shippers and freight brokers. The dispatcher is working on behalf of his or her client, which is the carrier.

How do dispatchers work? – The dispatcher finds the carrier loads to haul. They search load boards and work with freight brokers to secure high-paying loads for their clients. The objective of a dispatcher is to negotiate high rates, because the higher the rate of the load, the better the dispatcher’s pay-off.

How do dispatchers get paid? – Dispatchers charge carriers a fee for their service. That could sometimes be a percentage of the value of the load they negotiated. Or it could be a weekly or monthly retainer fee. Either way, it is in the dispatcher’s best interest to score high-paying loads for the carrier.

Load Boards, Like NextLOAD, are Valuable Dispatcher Tools

Load boards, such as the FREE NextLOAD.com, the premier load board from factoring leader Apex Capital, are great resources for dispatchers at dispatching services. While freight brokers are searching for carriers to haul the loads, dispatchers are actively seeking loads for their carriers. That’s why NextLOAD is a valuable tool for dispatchers.

“Dispatching services depend on access to great loads to keep their carrier clients loaded and happy,” says Neal Huffman, NextLOAD.com Business Development Manager. “We have many dispatchers using NextLOAD to find outstanding loads with competitive rates. Because NextLOAD is a FREE load board with more than 65,000 loads posted daily, including many loads from top brokers, dispatchers have choices that keeps them in business as well as their carriers.”

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Dispatchers Can Be Helpful for Truckers

A dispatcher can be helpful for you, the owner-operator and trucking company owner, if you don’t have the time and don’t want the extra work of finding your own loads. It could certainly be beneficial for truckers to develop good working relationships with dispatchers to find high-paying loads. As with most things, we suggest you do your research when looking for dispatching services, especially paying attention to what they require from their trucker clients and how fees are charged.

At NextLOAD.com, we welcome carriers and dispatchers to search for thousands of premium loads posted daily from the trucking industry’s top freight brokers. Become a NextLOAD user today and start searching. Ready to create your FREE account? Start here!